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Sale on all of my training and ebooks (Ends June 20th)

I’ve decided to have a summer sale. Summertime is a great time to start thinking about freelancing. The bright sun means you can get out more. Vacations with your family lets you spend quality time with them and become closer. And most of all, you start to see the how things can be different. After …

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Weekly product metrics

Every Monday morning I sit down and run the metrics for all of my products for the past week. I do this in order to make sense of what was happening with them, as well as to track their long term progress. Why every week? I found weekly metrics worked the best for me because …

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Bootstrapping Design

Jarrod (a 30×500 member) just launched his ebook, Bootstrapping Design. I had the privilege to read his early drafts and I highly recommend it for developers and product builders. Bootstrapping Design was written at the perfect time for me. One of the guiding principles I’m building into Chirk HR is that software should be easy …

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