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Freelancing Digest Issue #94 – Web copy, Duct Tape Marketing

Designing websites when you don’t have copy Marie Poulin writes about one problem designers run into a lot with clients, not getting the website copy on time. Instead of becoming more restrictive and forcing the client to give her the copy, she shows another way to look at the problem and find ways to collaborate …

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Freelancing Digest Issue #93 – Change, Email marketing

Are you changing this just because it makes you more comfortable? Curtis McHale writes that sometimes we force change onto clients just so we can be more comfortable. As someone who has spent years working on projects to clean up messes from "the new shiny thing", I can attest that change wasn’t beneficial for most …

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Freelancing Digest Issue #91 – Advice, Target audiences

The advice gold rush Paul Jarvis noticed that there’s been a rush to sell advice recently and he’s questioning the long-term implications of it. A Target Audience of One A really interesting article about positioning came from Blair Enns this week about positioning. Read it twice: first on the surface to see how he’s speaking …

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