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Error Pages – “Doctor I don’t feel good”

Ah, the Internal Error. Mr HTTP 500. Something every developers hates to see in their inbox on a Saturday morning. I’ve been noticing a problem with how internal errors are presented recently. I like to call it the “Doctor, I don’t feel good problem”. Doctor, I don’t feel good problem Patient: “Doctor, I don’t feel …

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Bootstrapping Design

Jarrod (a 30×500 member) just launched his ebook, Bootstrapping Design. I had the privilege to read his early drafts and I highly recommend it for developers and product builders. Bootstrapping Design was written at the perfect time for me. One of the guiding principles I’m building into Chirk HR is that software should be easy …

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ChiliProject Theme – First Take

I spent most of the morning working on the theme for ChiliProject 3.0.0. I was able to convert the Shane and Peter theme to an actual CSS theme and started working on the default theme for ChiliProject. This is still very rough; I’m not good at color choices and I was trying to make sure …

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