Before you start freelancing

Before you start freelancing you need to make sure that you cover three important areas. Failing to do so could slow you down and set you back months or years in your business development.

Ideal Clients

Defining your ideal clients will help you quickly discover who you’re meant to work with. Instead of wasting time and energy on bad or so-so clients, you can focus on the great ones.

Long-Term Contracts

Long-term contracts have been the backbone of my freelancing business over the years. So much in fact that I wrote a book about them in 2013 called The Freelancer’s Guide to Long-Term Contracts.


Scheduling work as a freelancer can be tricky. You need to balance getting enough work against over-committing.


Ah clients, the lifeblood of a freelance business. Also one area of the business where freelancers have the most problems with.

Sales & Marketing

You won’t survive as a freelancer unless you learn how to market and sell your services. Even learning just a little bit can move you from barely making it to successful and happy.

Processes and Business Systems

It seems like every business owner I know hates doing accounting and finance. Myself, I enjoy it. Maybe it’s because I recognize that they are critical systems that ensure your business actually stays in business. Over the years I’ve created a process I use which I describe in How I Manage my Freelance Finances.

My First Year Freelancing

When I first started freelancing I posted about my journey. Goals, revenue, mistakes, they’re all here.