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Setting project minimums

Now you’re ready to really start finding clients. In fact, by now you might even be attracting them. One thing you need to decide soon is what your project minimums will be. A project minimum is the minimum amount of budget and time a project has to have before you’d even consider looking at it. …

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Fixing a Boring Project

We’ve all been there before. You take a project that you know will be boring. Maybe it pays good and you’re hurting for work. Maybe you want to get your foot in the door with this client. Or maybe you thought it was interesting at first but now it’s settled into a rut. Whatever reason …

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Project minimums

Or how I stopped wasting two hours to build a proposal for a project that would let me bill $600 When I started freelancing I used to talk to anyone who was interested in talking with me about a project. That usually included me creating a proposal for them too. Since I was timid, scared, …

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