Product Business

Ideas and Planning

I’m a big planner. I like to brainstorm ideas and ways to implement them. I feel that sharing my thought process can help others, which is why I’ve written about my processes so much.


Marketing has become a passion of mine. Like software it works good to start with a hypothesis, test, refine, and incrementally improve it.

Building SaaS Apps

I’ve worked on and built several SaaS apps as a developer. I’ve also created a few as an entrepreneur, but I’m still learning.

Chirk HR

Chirk HR is my SaaS product that helps human resource professionals track their employee training.

My Publishing Business

Writing is a passion. One that in 2010 led to publishing my first book “Refactoring Redmine”. Since then I’ve gone on to publish more books. It’s also given me a chance to refine and reflect on my process as a writer.

Refactoring Redmine

My first book that teaches how to refactor Ruby on Rails applications. Looking back, the title isn’t a clear description of the actual book. Redmine was the software I was refactoring but it was merely an example of applying the refactoring process.

Authoring Ebooks

I purchased Authoring Ebooks from Jeremy McAnally in 2011. It describes his process he used to plan and write three of his own ebooks. Not only was that process one that worked well for him but it mirrored my own process quite nicely.

Redmine Tips

Redmine Tips is a power-user’s guide to Redmine.

The Freelancer’s Guide to Long-Term Contracts

The Freelancer’s Guide to Long-Term Contracts is a training system for freelancers that shows how to find and win more long-term contracts.