Freelancing Digest Issue #94 – Web copy, Duct Tape Marketing

Designing websites when you don’t have copy

Marie Poulin writes about one problem designers run into a lot with clients, not getting the website copy on time. Instead of becoming more restrictive and forcing the client to give her the copy, she shows another way to look at the problem and find ways to collaborate with the client.

Marketing the Duct Tape Way

Duct Tape Marketing was one of the first marketing books I read when I started my business. Even though the first edition is dated now, Curtis McHale goes in depth about why that might actually be a good thing in his review of Duct Tape Marketing.

The Freelancer’s Guide to Long-Term Contracts SPONSOR

Long-term contracts have been the one technique that really made my freelance business a success. So successful in fact that I’m able to work one week each month, taking the rest of the month off, and still make enough to live off of. This training teaches you how.

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