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Leaving Feedburner

I have just a short post today. Due to the closure of Google Reader and the stagnation of Feedburner, theAdmin.org will no longer be using Feedburner for the RSS feed. The Feedburner url will still be active but the new url to subscribe via RSS is: http://www.freelancingdigest.com/feed/ The very best way to keep updated on …

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Digging Myself Out of the Hole Called RSS

I’ve always been a heavy reader, online and offline but this weekend I finally noticed the hole I dug myself into. I was taking in more information that I could get through and I was falling behind. I resolved then to start taking action to dig myself back out by following 3 simple steps: 1. …

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Send Your Feeds to Your Inbox with RSSFwd

Too many RSS subscriptions were killing me. Combined with my constant export/import I did between all the readers, I felt like I was wasting my life reading about other people’s lives. Then I found about RSSFwd. RSSFwd is a service that will poll your RSS feeds and email you the content when the feed is …

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