Send Your Feeds to Your Inbox with RSSFwd

Too many RSS subscriptions were killing me. Combined with my constant export/import I did between all the readers, I felt like I was wasting my life reading about other people’s lives.

Then I found about RSSFwd. RSSFwd is a service that will poll your RSS feeds and email you the content when the feed is updated. I find it super useful as I already have some great rules in my program to sort and filter information.

RSSFwd is completely free, in fact it is open source so you can download it and run your own copy if you want. It is powered by Ruby on Rails so you might want to check with your webhost before you try to install it.

So if you want a better RSS client and are getting flustered with sorting all the inflows, give RSSFwd a try.

Eric Davis


  1. Jeremy Teale says:

    I especially enjoy the formatting of the e-mails for feeds. Even Engadget’s strange feed layout gets preserved.

  2. Eric says:

    Yea, in fact I use it to track my own RSS feed for my comments. Using it with a simple “color mail from ‘rssfwd’ with ‘theadmin’ in the title” makes them all pop out at me.


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