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2009 Goals

Everyone’s talking about their 2009 goals now, I guess the New Year tends to do that to people. Not to feel left out, I’m posting my 2009 goals. As a freelancer and a software developer, a lot of them are about building new software applications and learning technology. One thing I learned in 2008, was …

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Interesting Links #2

Was able to start to catch up on some developer links I had bookmarked this week: No True “mod_ruby” Is Damaging Ruby’s Viability On The Web – Peter Cooper wants to know why there isn’t there a good mod_ruby for Apache. Merb 0.5.0 is out – Hot on the tails of my last set of …

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Interesting Links #1

I’ve been reading up a lot on different ways to manage code using SCM systems because my current ones take way to long to do anything advanced. How to use Piston to ease your upgrades – Piston looks like an easy way to work with upstream svn repositories. Currently, I do a huge hack of …

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