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Eric’s take on git and svn

A friend wrote: you seem to really like git. Whats your take on git vs svn? It’s not a matter of git versus svn but more about what is git good at and what is svn good at. git and svn have different designs so they provide different solutions. Thing is, git does what it’s …

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Hosting git-wiki with Phusion Passenger

I recently converted my server to use Phusion Passenger to host my Rails and Rack applications. Phusion Passenger has pretty good for Rack applications and Sinatra but I was running into a lot of issues with hosting my git-wiki. After some debugging, I found git-wiki wasn’t loading the view path correctly while hosted under Passenger. …

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git-svn – switch to a different a svn url

I’m using git and git-svn for all my projects now. It’s wonderful to use git even if the main repository is still in Subversion. Recently though, I had a problem where the Redmine svn repository url changed. Normally you are just recommend to clone the new subversion url with a fresh git-svn repository. Unfortunately, my …

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