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LibraryThing Backups

I have started to use the service by LibraryThing to keep track of my book lists. It is free and a really nice service but I was afraid of something happening to my data so I quickly hacked up a script to grab a backup of my entire library. This script will grab the frame …

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Get a text backup of your Typo

After using Typo for some time now, I wanted a raw backup of my many posts. So I used some Ruby to extract of that information. First I wanted a raw text file of my content. $ script/runner -e production "Content.find(:all, :conditions => 'type = \"Article\"'). \ each {|i| puts '##########'; puts i.title; puts ''; …

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Backup your del.icio.us

Since del.icio.us decided to have a bit of downtime this past week I have decided to update my del.icio.us backup script a bit more. Before it would just grab all the posts and overwrite the old file. Issue is when they were bringing the system back up my script happily wrote an http error to …

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