Backup your

Since decided to have a bit of downtime this past week I have decided to update my backup script a bit more. Before it would just grab all the posts and overwrite the old file. Issue is when they were bringing the system back up my script happily wrote an http error to that file, thus making my backup useless.

So here is my new script, it will make a file called ‘DeliciousYYYY-MM-DD.xml’ with the year filled in.

# Grab the bookmarks into an 
# xml file... ick I know but it works!
curl --user user:pass -o /path/to/backup/Delicious`date +%Y-%m-%d`.xml \
-O '' 

To use, fill in the user and pass with your login name and password for and the /path/to/backup. Then run



chmod +x

If it works you can add it to your crontab and have it run everyday, and feel comfortable knowing your posts are safe.

Eric Davis