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Redmine Tips Has Launched

It’s finally here… Redmine Tips is now available for sale! After almost 12 months of writing, two months of editing, and countless tweaking I’m calling it done (at least for now). This sucker packs 51 tips into 75 pages with a bit over 13,000 words. In addition to the PDF ebook, I’m also including the …

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Final 4 days to Pre-Order Redmine Tips

After several weeks of pre-orders, my ebook Redmine Tips is finishing up this week. This mean that I’ll be closing pre-orders this Friday, September 30th (along with removing the pre-order discount). Redmine Tips is a collection of productivity tips for Redmine. I’ve discovered them through working and talking to dozens of project managers and hundreds …

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Redmine Issue Query Reference

I’ve been writing a bit about using Redmine’s issue filters to create and save a query recently and noticed that there is very little documentation on how it works. This post attempts to document how to pass parameters to Redmine’s issues list using the url. All of these options can be used directly in a …

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