Issue #24 – March 27th, 2015

With March drawing to an end we’re almost done with the first quarter of 2015. I’ve finished two of the three goals I set for the quarter, though the last one has been a struggle.

How has your 2015 been? Have you moved closer to the business and life you want for yourself?

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The power of the side project and creativity (

I’ve always had side projects going on. They’ve led directly to two of my ebooks and building a niche that kept me busy for several years. Side projects are definitely worth the time, even if their value is unclear at first.

Break Out of Decision Paralysis (

Brian Casel writes about how he’s thought about a recent major decision. He lists a few tips in here which you can use to make better decisions. I’m fond of the Pro/Con list Ben Franklin used.

Want to start freelancing in a month? ( SPONSOR

If you’re just getting started or you need to restart your freelance business, having a day-by-day guide can get started on the right path. Don’t waste your time doing the things that don’t matter.

Focus on Actions to Get More Done in Less Time (

Leo Babauta writes by focusing on the actions needed, you can cut out wasting time on tasks. Sometimes procrastinating and thinking about the task sucks up more time than it would have taken to actually do it.

Components of a Good Project Plan (

Curtis McHale has a quick project plan he uses on his projects. I think this would be a good thing to use to get conceptual agreement with a client before you start working with them.

5 Reasons to Work with Small Clients and Projects (

Having a plan for what clients you want to work with is important. This even includes deciding how you’ll work with smaller clients. Michael Zipursky has five criteria you can use to help decide if small clients are worth it.

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Thanks, I’ll see you next week

Eric Davis (@edavis10)