Issue #23 – March 20th, 2015

I ran across quite a few resources on specializing and focus this week. Or maybe it’s just something on my mind.


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Double and half (freelancer math) (

Seth Godin has great advice for setting your rates. I’d argue the 4x-5x is for most industries once you account for the risk of business, marketing time, and time spent getting better at your craft.

12 Things I Learned in 12 Years of Freelancing (

There are some excellent points made by Christopher Hawkins in this article. There’s something for everyone: new, established, busy, famished… Definitely worth the read.

Want to start freelancing in a month? ( SPONSOR

If you’re just getting started or you need to restart your freelance business, having a day-by-day guide can get started on the right path. Don’t waste your time doing the things that don’t matter.

Should you ask for a deposit? (

Maybe it’s my field (software development) but I always require a deposit or payment upfront. I can’t imagine building a business without knowing if a client is going to actually pay you or not. (And I’ve heard horror stories of even the most upstanding clients skipping out on payments)

The Business of Freelancing, Episode 22: Philip Morgan on Positioning (

Brennan Dunn talked with Philip Morgan about positioning. I’ve read an early version of Philip’s book and pulled a lot of great advice out of it to put into action later this year.

Lets Get Visual: 7 Reasons to Add Video to Your Marketing Mix (

Video can be a great marketing medium. There’s seven reasons in this article by Tom Ewer but let me give you an eighth: you can record video and then convert that content into other sources easily.

Extract audio for a podcast. Transcribe to text for an article. Transcribe, outline, and format into a handout or opt-in incentive. Transcribe as background information and give to a write to produce unique content…

Trust Marker #1: Branded Email (

Your email address can tell a client a lot about you and your business. In this article I examine how having a branded email address can help improve your client’s trust in you.

Should you be a freelance Jack of all trades? Niche or Generalist? (

Hannah Moyer examines the niche or generalist decision and arrives at some very good points for each. From what I’ve seen, generalists have more flexibility and specialists have a lot more upside (in the right niche). But there isn’t anything stopping you from switching between them at will.

How to Become More Productive By Doing Less (

Michael Zipursky writes how you can become more productive by reducing what you offer to clients. This reminds me of when I focused only on Redmine development and built my niche in there.

Quick Links

How to procrastinate like a pro (

Good Communication: The Backbone of an Online Business (

The Best of Freelance Freedom (

You failed if the client asks for an update (

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Eric Davis (@edavis10)