Redmine Timesheet plugin v0.4.0 released

A new release of the Redmine Timesheet plugin has been released for Redmine. This release has several major changes that will make it more useful for anyone managing a large team.


The plugin can be download from the Little Stream Software project or from GitHub.


There have been several new features and bug fixes implemented. The notable ones are:

You can see more details on the Activity and Roadmap pages.

Plugin Hooks

This version of the Timesheet plugin adds a few hooks for other developers to use. Hooks allow a developer to modify how Timesheets works without having to change the plugin code. The available hooks are:

  • :plugin_timesheet_model_timesheet_conditions
  • :plugin_timesheet_view_timesheets_context_menu
  • :plugin_timesheet_view_timesheets_report_header_tags
  • :plugin_timesheet_view_timesheets_report_bottom
  • :plugin_timesheet_controller_report_pre_fetch_time_entries

What’s next

Michele Franzin has been working on a fork of the Timesheet plugin that has a really nice calendar view and summary features. I’m planning on pulling in those changes and some others for the 0.5.0 release.


If you need help you can leave a comment here or enter an issue directly into the bug tracker.

If you are currently working on a Redmine plugin and need help or have an idea for a plugin you would like developed, please contact me. My company, Little Stream Software, specializes in the development of custom Redmine features and Redmine plugins.


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  1. Umit Kayacik says:

    Nice plugin. When I think about that how can I get a report for times in last week, I found your plugin.
    Thank you :)

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