Redmine Budget plugin v0.2.0 released (finally)

Budget Screen

I’ve just uploaded a new release of the Redmine Budget plugin. The Budget plugin is a plugin for Redmine to manage the set of deliverables for each project, automatically calculating key performance indicators. This is a long awaited release that will fix many of the outstanding bugs and incompatibilities that have cropped up.


The plugin can be download from the Little Stream Software project or from GitHub.


You can see more details on the Changelog and Roadmap pages.


If you need help, my Redmine bug tracker is open to the public and you are welcome to ask for help there.

If you are currently working on a Redmine plugin and need help or have an idea for a plugin you would like developed, please contact me. My company, Little Stream Software, specializes in the development of custom Redmine features and Redmine plugins.


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