Facebook, kinda

I don’t have much to say about using Facebook for freelancing. But even a short lesson should be valuable.

Like all social networks, and all marketing actually, you want to focus on where your ideal clients are.

In my case, they are not on Facebook. At least not the roles I talk to.

They might have an official presence. Maybe their marketing or support teams are on Facebook. Or maybe they’re using Facebook personally. But not for business.

You want to focus on where they are. In my case, Facebook isn’t that place.

For you? Facebook might be.

There are still two things you should do on Facebook.

First, even if you can’t connect to your ideal clients directly on Facebook you still might be able to reach them with advertising. Facebook advertising is a whole lesson in itself but you might be able to reach your ideal clients that way. Just remember the key rule of satellite sites: get them off of Facebook and onto your site as quickly as possible.

The second things is to setup a Facebook page for your business. You want to do this for two reasons:

  1. To claim the space, just like how you’d buy a domain before you need it.
  2. To feed automatic updates from your main site or blog.

You’re not going to see many results from this but setting up a basic page can be done in an hour or less.

And who knows, you might actually get some attention from your market, at which point you’d want to scale it up and start using Facebook more.

Eric Davis