Freelancing Digest Issue #74 – Using pre-made tools, dire times

Should you use pre-made tools or build everything from scratch?

Marie Poulin answers a question web designers deal with, should I use pre-made themes and components or build it all from scratch?. Don’t focus on her advice to designers, but rather her advice about using the tool to get results for her clients.

Letter to a Drowning Agency Principal

Not only for agencies, this article from Blair Enns has advice for when things aren’t going well and you’re in a dire situation. Make sure not to skip the first few steps, because it’s important to focus on fixing your own problems first.

The Freelancer’s Guide to Long-Term Contracts ( SPONSOR

Long-term contracts have been the one technique that really made my freelance business a success. So successful in fact that I’m able to work one week each month, taking the rest of the month off, and still make enough to live off of. This training teaches you how.

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