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Redmine Remove Membership 0.1.0 released

Last week I created another Redmine plugin to setup staging and testing servers with Redmine called Redmine Remove Membership. It’s a simple plugin that adds a Rake task to Redmine that will revoke the membership of a user from all projects. My client is using this on their staging server to quickly setup a limited …

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Redmine Lock Users 0.1.0 released

This past week I created a plugin for one of my Redmine clients called Redmine Lock Users. It’s a simple plugin that adds a Rake task to Redmine to make it easy to lock all of the user accounts in the system. We have been using this to lock down testing and staging servers. Since …

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Redmine Simple Support 0.1.1 released

A bug fix release for Redmine Simple Support has just been posted to my Redmine. This will fix a compatibility issue with the Redmine 0.9 releases. Download The plugin can be download from the Little Stream Software project or from GitHub. Features Compatibility With 9.0-Stable Branch Help If you need help, my Redmine bug tracker …

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