Freelancing Digest Issue #89 – Economic downturns, Silly ideas

The Ultimate Guide to Freelance Success in a Downturn

Everyone will eventually run into a downturn It could be in the economy as a whole or just to you. Ryan Waggoner gives some great advice on how to plan for and handle a downturn in your freelance business.

So You Think Your Marketing Idea Might Be Silly

The business and life environment you’ve been exposed to biases what you think you can and cannot do. If you change how you approach what you want to do and instead look at what the possible downsides would be, you might be more open to something new.

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If you’re just getting started or you need to restart your freelance business, having a day-by-day guide can get started on the right path. Don’t waste your time doing the things that don’t matter.

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