Freelancing Digest Issue #70 – February 12th, 2016

Qualifying clients

Choosing who your ideal clients are and evaluating how every lead ranks is an important skill to learn when qualifying clients. I like to use a sliding scale based on how busy I am, how busy I want to be, and any other factors. So someone who ranked poorly today, might rank better next year when I’m not as busy even if nothing else changes.

Cognitive biases and heuristics in selling and pricing

Years ago I made a commitment to myself to shift more of my learning to "timeless" things, those things that won’t change over 5, 10, or 100 years. That meant less about the hot new technology and more about stuff like sales, copywriting, and human psychology. Blair Enns has a great overview of several cognitive biases we all have and how they can be used in a (non-evil) business way.

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