Issue #36 – June 19th, 2015

After a few months of development and one major rewrite, I’m happy to announce my latest productized service has launched.

Introducing Healthy Rails, Exception management and fixing for Ruby on Rails applications

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Ten Ways to Cheat at Your Positioning (

If positioning your business all at once is too difficult, Blair Enns writes about how you can take smaller steps towards becoming a specialist.

The Greatest Leap Your Business Will Ever Take (

We all have our public persona that we show to people instead of what’s really going on under the surface. Sometimes we start to believe it and get ourselves into trouble.

Put Your Customer Lead Gen on Autopilot with Drip Email ( SPONSOR

Could you build a source of income without having to find new clients, that consistently brought you new projects automatically without having to lift a finger? Drip Profits will show you step-by-step exactly how to generate leads on a daily basis while you sleep. The best part? You could be fully setup today.

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On simplifying: pizza & complications (

I’ve fallen victim to the cycle of "just create a new product/service" before (just see the intro for example). Paul Jarvis’s advice on simplifying is a great suggestion if you’re feeling a bit scattered.

Trust Marker #2: Simple Site (

In this article I write about why you can ignore 99% of the advice about your website.

How to Heat Up Cold Prospects with Email Marketing (

Though this article blends email marketing and email outreach there are some great lessons in here if you feel like you’re not using email enough.

7 Real-Life Hacks For Juggling Far Too Many Balls (

Naomi Dunford writes about what you can do when life is throwing too many things at you.

How To Build an Awesome Freelance Sales Funnel (

Jamie Syke writes about the sales funnel he’s built to find and win clients. If you don’t have one yet or your funnel is just "people email me", start with this one.

What to do when your potential client pulls a disappearing act (

Here’s a process you can use when a lead goes dark. I use four contacts in my follow up process and it’s been working great.

Freelance Freedom #377 (

Burning out but in control.

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