Issue #22 – March 13, 2015

I’ve been dreading a task for several weeks now, which has really held back a service I’m building. It a two-step process that has to be done multiple times.

In my mastermind group this week, someone gave me the advice of just batching up the work. Do all of the first steps (which I enjoyed) and then quickly rush through the second step (which I’ve been dreading). Even though I still dreaded the second step, I wasn’t about to waste all of the work I’ve done already.

The moral: try to split up a task you’re avoiding and do the parts you like first.

It seems like the Quick Links in the last issue have been useful so they’re back again. Let me know what you think (and if you spot the magic pattern).

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The Guide To Finding And Selling Ecommerce Clients (

Brennan has a great article on getting started with a productized consulting service based on adding a human, done-for-you component to a SaaS.

This is very close to the process I’m doing for my own service, though I don’t have a SaaS behind it yet (it’s very much a Just-in-Time service).

How To Take The Drama Out Of Running Your Business (

Sometimes we’re the thing that’s holding us and our business back. Naomi Dunford gives you a good bucket of ice water to help you find a way to break out of this.

Want to start freelancing in a month? ( SPONSOR

If you’re just getting started or you need to restart your freelance business, having a day-by-day guide can get started on the right path. Don’t waste your time doing the things that don’t matter.

What Are You Teaching Your Clients? (

Brian Casel makes some great points about teaching your potential clients. One that is commonly forgotten is the first transaction: "they give you their time and attention, and in return, you teach them something they’re eager to learn."

Trust Markers – Does your client think you’re trustworthy? (

Trust between you and your client is the foundation for any lasting relationship. A project can get by without trust but it will be full of struggle and strife.

10 ways to shine during your next client project (

Number 5 on this list, Manage Client Expectations, is huge. You have to continuously do this to keep the project on track. It will be difficult at first but clients will respect you for it and it’ll set the tone for your entire relationship.

How to Handle Rejection (even when it feels constant) (

We all will get rejected. It can hurt and totally screw up your day (or week). Learning how to get over it is an important skill.

Why so expensive? (

A comic about the value and cost of experience.

Freelance Freedom #370 (

The difference between "in the mail" and "sent" can be huge.

Quick Links

What to do when a client rejects your business proposal (

Is your task list more like a wish list? (

5 tips for telling your story to potential clients (

6 reasons to fire your client (

7 Methods to Grow your Email List (The Organic Way) (

Thanks, I’ll see you next week

Eric Davis (@edavis10)