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Facebook, kinda

I don’t have much to say about using Facebook for freelancing. But even a short lesson should be valuable. Like all social networks, and all marketing actually, you want to focus on where your ideal clients are. In my case, they are not on Facebook. At least not the roles I talk to. They might …

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Social networking for freelancers

Continuing our discussion of satellite sites, I want to talk about Ganymede. Um, I mean social networks. Not moons. Depending on who you ask, social networks are either web-killers or wastes-of-time. To add to the fire, here is how I think about social networks. Strengths Social networking definitely has its strengths. I’ve said in the …

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Analytics for Freelancers

What would 500 more visitors to your website do for your business? … I hope you answered "it depends". It depends on what period of time those 500 show up. In one hour? In one month? In one year? It depends if they fit your ideal clients or if they just came because you posted …

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