Bulk Time Entry plugin v0.4.0 released

I’ve just uploaded the 0.4.0 release of my Redmine Bulk Time Entry plugin. This is a bug fix release that fixes several issues with the latest Redmine, Redmine 0.8.7, and Postgresql.


The plugin can be download from the Little Stream Software project or GitHub. I’ve also released this as a gem on gemcutter and Rubyforge if you would like to try out the new Gem Plugin support in Redmine.


You can see more details on the Roadmap page.

What’s next

This is the final release of this plugin for the 0.8.x branch of Redmine. The next version will require Redmine 0.9.0 or above.


If you need help, my Redmine bug tracker is open to the public and you are welcome to ask for help there.