Amy Hoy’s Launch Class 30 x 500

Amy Hoy is launching her newest class soon, called Launch Class 30×500. I was a member of her first one (Year of Hustle Launch Class) and I wanted to write up a short review of it. To keep it simple, I’m going to stick to bullet points:

  • Was it worth the price?
    Yes. Even at the new price I felt like the class had a major impact on Refactoring Redmine which has done quite well in it’s first month alone. (Second month is looking great so far too)
  • What was the most important things I learned about the class?
    1. Help people kill pain or make money.
    2. Plan backwards.
  • What was the worst things about the class?
    1. The technology used for the live chats and phone calls failed very often. I know they worked for some people but it was frustrating for me.
    2. The class took a huge amount of time. I didn’t think about how much time would be needed. Since I was building the bootstrapper phase of my product, I should have known I’d need to commit more than a few hours each week.
  • Would I take it again?
    Yes, but not this time. I’ve only implemented 20% of what I learned in the class for my first product and I want to use what I already know before I get a refresher.

That’s the gist of my experience with the last Launch Class. I’d be happy to answer any questions in the comments.

Update: I was asked privately: “would you have taken the class for the first time, knowing what you know now?”

Yes I would. There are several ideas I’ve learned in the Launch Class that I haven’t seen anywhere else, and I read a lot. It also helped me judge products and markets, so I’m not wasting time building something that no one wants (the fear that all programmers have).