A Geeks Best LifeHack, My Experence

On Lifehack.org there is a post by Kelvin Quee that gives a few ways to cut the digital cord. I admit I am guillty of many of them; ok all of them. Here are my thoughts on each of them:

  1. The wget idea is great. It could even stop ads if you can restrict the wget to fetch only from that domain.

  2. A better solution than to ignore the ip on the router to to make that name resolve to This can be done in Windows in the hosts file or in /etc/hosts in Linux. Since you probably do not have all of Slashdot stored on your computer then it should never come up. For me my sin is reddit.com. I love that site but it is just taking so much of my time now.

  3. Fight a USB hard drive for hours…. never. I have spent over 10 hours fighting two USB hard drive enclusures to work. I think they are not getting enough power and I knew I could make them work if given enough time. I found it was easier to get a bigger computer case and jsut install the hard drives inside and stop fussing about with them. (PS do NOT but Masscool drive enclosures, the power supplies die after a few months).

  4. Computer Abstinence Day. That is going to hurt. I work on the computer everyday at my job and the weekend is the only real time I get to do my own thing. One day is used as my weekly review day (which requires my todo.txt file) so that does not leave much room. I could make this work but it will not be easy.

  5. I am not much of a drawer. Alough I did win my first grade art content with my cryon drawing of the Bigfoot Monster Truck, complete with a yellow triangle as the headlight beam. I will change this hack to be writing something, as it is one of my goals.

Optional: My fiance couldn’t tell a bit from a byte, but now thanks to Intro to Computers she can. I think I am safe until she can tell the difference between upload and download speeds.

Eric Davis