Redmine and ChiliProject

I started working on Redmine around 2007 and helped maintain the project for a full year. Since then I forked Redmine and created ChiliProject.

Since I started working on Redmine and ChiliProject, I’ve had to make some major changes in my life and business. As a result of that I’ve since left both Redmine and ChiliProject.

Redmine Development

Since I’ve been working on Redmine professionally since 2007 I tried to document some of the techniques I used or invented.

I did a daily code reading habit for a little while. As part of it I read through some of the more complex areas of Redmine’s code including how it’s text formatting is processed.

For a month I used each Friday to work on some Open Source. Below are the results for each week of that month.

In 2010 Redmine’s API wasn’t fully tested and there were some subtle bugs in how it worked. I decided to go back and add test coverage to the API, especially around the different authentication methods.

Open Source plugins

I write a lot of code for Redmine and ChiliProject. Most of it eventually ends up in an Open Source plugin on github but occasionally I’ll release one with a blog post. Below are the latest releases. Make sure to check my Open Source page for the latest status of each project.