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Now more than ever it is easier for aspiring (and already successful) authors to create books, build an audience for them, and enjoy the spoils of having a successful publication, all without the aid of traditional publishers.

This eBook is a series of short essays and discussions on how to do just that. Approaching the authoring process can be daunting without the assistance of a publisher to hold your hand, but with this book, you’ll have the combined knowledge gained through several self-published and traditionally published projects and the input of several authors who have successfully launched their own technical book projects.

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Authoring eBooks - How to Write and Market Your Technical eBook

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This book isn’t some B.S. guide written by a marketing droid who’s never actually written books before. This is a set of hard-learned lessons on the writing and marketing process for eBooks by someone who’s been there.

Inside you’ll find…

Tons of excellent, proven marketing advice. Sell your eBook like a pro!

Key techniques for structuring your book’s content for maximum effectiveness

Tips for keeping you sane, productive, and healthy during the writing process

Analyses of the toolsets used in writing eBooks and which one will work for you

Techniques and hints for developing your book idea into a full-blown concept

Discover some of the best kept secrets about getting (and keeping!) customers

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About the authors…

Eric Davis (blog) has been a Ruby and Rails developer since 2005, currently running Little Stream Software. He’s consulted with international clients about Ruby on Rails and maintains over 70 Open Source Ruby projects. Eric is the author of Refactoring Redmine, a technical ebook on refactoring large Rails applications.

Jeremy McAnally (blog) has been a Ruby and Rails developer for almost 6 years, currently at Intridea. In that time, he’s worked on a lot of successful products with some of the top minds in the Ruby community. Jeremy is the author of Ruby in Practice, Rails Upgrade Handbook, and Mr. Neighborly’s Humble Little Ruby Book. He’s contributed a ton of documentation and code to Rails (including application templates), and more recently, he created the Rails Core Team sanctioned Rails 3 upgrade tool, rails_upgrade.